Finance Assignment Help Example: Alternative Growth Strategies Adopted by Amazon

1.0      Introduction


This assignment is written to do alternative growth strategies adopted by Amazon in global arena in last five years through thorough analysis of various investments made by it. It will help student to understand investment analysis so as to get finance assignment help for their projects.

2.0      Alternative Growth Strategy


No doubt the corporate strategy such as marketing strategy of Amazon is very strong as it is concerned with internal and external environment along with basic competencies of the shareholders. But the real growth comes through the inorganic routes which are as follows

2.1 Merger with Potential Affiliates

In last five years Amazon merge many medium entities so as to improve its business environment across the globe. For Ex:- Currently in India it is planning to acquire DTDC so as to gain advantages in logistics and distribution part from its potential competitors Flip kart in India. The merger serves the following purposes in last five years for Amazon :-

  1. It provides operational synergies to its business priorities as we seen in the case of recent merger with DTDC in India.
  2. It helps in the improvement of operational efficiencies in last five years propelling top line and bottom-line.
  3. It also helps in providing already acquired market for quick growth in some cases.

2.2 Acquisition Strategy


In last five years Amazon merge many small entities such as Zappos , Audible etc. to fulfil its business environment across the globe. The acquisitions help in quick gaining of technical expertise as well as propel revenue and cash flow growth in quicker way. Beside these it also provides operational synergies to its business priorities so as to improve its operational profits.

2.3 Importance to Cash flow through efficient Working Capital Management

This section is written for students looking to get insights for getting corporate finance assignment help. The working capital management is the biggest challenge for any company. Working Capital is the difference between the Current Assets and Current Liabilities of the Firm, enterprise or any other concern. It is very important for the business because it determines and liquidity of the firm and also represents the goodwill and credibility of the firm. Working Capital for any company is more important because they need strong working capital to run the business. Working Capital can be of two types .If Current Assets is more than Current Liabilities, it indicates that the Company is having Strong working Capital and they have the ability to meet its day to day operations activities of the business.

But if Current Asset is less than Current Liability it indicates a weak working Capital and company is not able to meet the operating activities of business. In this acquisition spree too working Capital plays a very important role because Target Company should have strong working capital so that they can meet the sudden demand in the market. They need to have very strong working capital because it will not only help them to have good regular business operation but also strong reputation in the Market through which they might get other Clients in the business.

Let’s understand the importance of working capital with the help of cash; It is the most liquid form of working Capital. A company having good cash in hand is able to have great opportunities. The company requires cash balance as it will protect them from uncertain situations. But on the other hand it should not be kept idle as it will erode its value through time value concepts. Hence, management of cash is also extremely important for performance of a company. Similarly, right balance of trade balance is also important. Trade receivables are one of the most important source of working capital management .Often most of the companies in manufacturing field suffer one permanent problem i.e. bad debts. This can be analysed with the help of efficiency ratios. Hence, it plays an important criterion in selecting the target company for Amazon which it uses extensively to fuel its growth.

3.0      Investment Analysis

The investment of recent merger and acquisitions plays a great role in increasing its revenue by 22% in 2014 compare to last year. This is clear from the operating cash flow to sales ratio as it shows a huge increment by 12.35% in 2014. This ratio, which is expressed as a percentage, compares a company’s operating cash flow to its net sales or revenues, which gives investors an idea of the company’s ability to turn sales into cash. It would be worrisome to see a company’s sales grow without a parallel growth in operating cash flow. Positive and negative changes in a company’s terms of sale and/or the collection experience of its accounts receivable will show up in this indicator. It is in increasing trend due to improvement in the operations of the company from major merger and acquisition such as Audible, Zappo etc. in last few years.  It increases from 9.30% to 10.53% showing the improvement in its operation compare to FMM. Besides these the other ratios such as ROE, Gross margin, ROA are also is in increasing trend due to adoption of inorganic routes by Amazon. The equity investments produce good results for Amazon and its bad effect is very limited due to enhancement in value of its target in most cases.

4.0   European Market Analysis


Europe plays an important role in the growth of Amazon in recent years. It offers huge opportunities to propel growth for Amazon. The revenue growth alone in Europe is around 27% much higher than company’s overall growth rate. It is clear that there lie great opportunities in the in the Europe. Besides these they can also tap market by launching innovative products as per the local tastes and preferences. The Amazon is facing huge expectations and pressure from the customer to supply innovative freight service at Europe. Hence, opportunities lie to adopt a social responsibility to make its supply chain innovative to serve the needs of the customers and improve its business in further way.

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General Motors B2B System- How it helps in increasing Operational Efficiency?

The most promising application of information technology witnessed in recent years is Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce). It has very large potential for manufacturing, retail & service operations and also revolutionizing supply-chain operations. EC is changing manufacturing systems to demand-driven, possibly customized, just-in-time from Mass production. We will discuss about General Motors and their B2B procurement system in this paper as a part of our operations management homework help approach for student.. These are assembling products and at many locations components for these products are manufactured. Sub-assemblers approaches to various sellers to collect parts & materials.


More than one tier of manufacturers can be used by sub-assembler but proper collaboration, coordination & Communication is required in such multi-tier system. Assemblers can get upto 80 percent faster & 15-20 percent cheaper Sub-Assemblers by using Electronic bidding. These systems allow fast change with minimum cost & also they are flexible and adaptable. The cost of inventories in mass production system can be minimized.

Gm employs EDI to carry out its automated B2B transactions. The primary application of EDI is to carry out logistics & automated purchase between trading partners with well established relationships. Normally Intelligence & valuable information are not concentrated on EDI channel between participants, they are concentrated on the computer systems of participants.

The end of negotiation stage can be signaled by purchase & delivery of a product. Delivery options or available payment options may affect product & merchant brokering in some cases. There is a large-scale reduction in the use of intermediaries between producers & consumers because of Direct Selling. It also removes the middle-men from supply chains. Roles of some traditional mediator are endangering as individuals and businesses are revaluating their trading patterns in response to new EC opportunities.  It clearly shows how integration of technology can be used to recommend a company to get Operation Research Assignment Help.


In facilitation & mediation of electronic trading environments, varieties of new opportunities are generated by the Internet in addition to removing the need for intermediaries. Online purchasing environments are in the early stage of development & growth. In next few years, it is expected to see very fast increase in the functionality of these environments that will help both sellers & buyers. Buyers are helped by intelligent purchasing advisors in identifying clearly their product requirements, getting product information & selecting the best supplier. It will lead to movement of power from sellers to buyers.


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RACI Matrix- Project Management Assignment help Examples


The RACI Matrix is a powerful tool to assist in the identification of roles and assigning of cross-functional responsibilities to a project deliverable or activity.  In this article we will provide ideas to prepare RACI matrix to get project management assignment help for your reports.

RACI represents:  R – Responsibility, A – Accountable, C – Consulted, and I – Informed. The various definitions are as given below:-

Responsibility = person or role responsible for ensuring that the item is completed

Accountable = person or role responsible for actually doing or completing the item

Consulted = person or role whose subject matter expertise is required in order to complete the item

Informed = person or role that needs to be kept informed of the status of item completion

In order to created RACI matrix, simply put various activities in Y axis and Human resource in X axis and then simply assign R,A,C,I as defined above. The example is as shown below:-

Project Leadership  
Executive Sponsor Project Sponsor Steering Committee Advisory Committee Role #5  
Initiate Phase Activities            
 – Submit Project Request A/C R/A        
 – Request Review by PMO            
 – Research Solution I C        
 – Develop Business Case I A/C I I    
Plan Phase Activities            
 – Create Project Charter C C        
 – Create Schedule I I I I    
 – Create Additional Plans as required I I I I    
Execute Phase Activities            
 – Build Deliverables C/I C/I C/I C/I    
 – Create Status Report I I I I    
Control Phase Activities            
 – Perform Change Management   C C C    
Close Phase Activities            
 – Create Lessons Learned C C C C    
 – Create Project Closure Report I I I I    


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Macroeconomics Homework Help Solutions- Part 1


In this article, we are explaining different questions asked by student looking for Macroeconomics Assignment Help. We are explaining this through various questions.

Does a Bank will be considered safe if the bank assets are greater than bank liabilities or if the net assets of the bank are positive?


Earlier it was perceived that if the bank assets are greater than bank liabilities or if the net assets of the bank are positive then bank is considered safe irrespective of types of assets in the balance sheet. However, the recent financial crisis shows that even if the bank assets are positive but if it has tight liquidity then it might get into trouble. Let’s understand this with example:-

  1. The less liquid securities such as Equity etc. can’t be liquidated immediately which means bank will have to sell it at loss at the time of requirements and it might put bank in trouble.
  2. Similarly, contingency assets like revolving line of credit are not safe since bank is bound to pay or can’t liquidate it at the time of requirements putting it in danger.

The problem face by Citibank in 2008 is because of all the above mentioned issues and at one time it found itself at the verge of collapse due to lower sales and other operational issues. This questions are asked by many students looking for Macroeconomics Assignment Help.

Does the Risk Tradeoff face by under-capitalized versus well-capitalized banking sectors remain same?

The different risk-return tradeoff (from same class of assets) faced by under-capitalized versus well-capitalized banking sectors is much higher because of higher interest charged by the investors which means there will be low net interest margin and hence lesser incentives from shareholder’s point of view. This scenario is observed after 2008 crisis where most of the banks especially in Europe are undercapitalized and it is one of the main cause of their delayed recoveries.

Let’s understand the scenario with the help of Deutsche bank which faced the situation in 2008. The problem is that after 2008 crisis it does not have enough assets as it face huge loses in subprime crisis because of which it become highly undercapitalized. It is because of this reason it’s risks increases and it move towards costly assets for capitalization which in turn decreases its net margin falls and it takes more time time to recover from the crisis. The same scenario is observed for most of the bank in Europe and it is because of this reason they are still fighting with financial crisis.

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Taxation Case Analysis- Examples

The following article present an excellent example for Taxation homework help. The analysis is as given below:-

Dave must understand that he will have to fulfil guidelines prepared by IRS if he wants to expand internationally as his grandchildren have married to a foreign national. He must understand that U.S. citizens must conform to different reporting and filling prerequisites with a specific goal to dodge potential interest and punishments. Standards exist based on late filing, under-payment of taxes, tax return completion and reporting of non-U.S. monetary accounts. The guidelines on these taxes and connected process aspects appropriate to American investing abroad are described in this section and this will help greatly in solving US tax codes homework help.

People wedded to alien outsider should give watchful thought to their recording status. In the event that the alien outsider’s life partner has no critical personal earning, it might be profitable to choose to document a joint return. In any case, it ought to be recollected that once the decision is documented, it can be denied just once and cannot be chosen once more. Life partners who have no present wage might all things considered hopes to have assessable wage later on, for example from the offer of land or earning about because of future legacy. This probability should be thought when assessing documenting status. This thoughts are used widely in solving various taxation issues related to Business Finance Case Study Help too.

If the U.S. taxpayer’s earned salary is wholly wiped out by the outside earned wage and housing price exemptions, then independent documenting status may bring about no more prominent income tax, and there will be no requirement of making a joint return decision. Along these lines, comparison of tax counts ought to be filed under independent and joint status prior to the initial choice. Form TD F 90-22.1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, ought to be documented by U.S. taxpayers and citizens who have a monetary interest in or marked authority over securities, other financial accounts both business and personal, , or foreign banks that surpass USD 10,000 in aggregate amount throughout the calendar year. The assessment is filed independently from the wage tax return, also is given to the U.S. Treasury Department and this information help one in doing analysis for Finance Case Study Help related to taxation.


The form ought to be filed before June 30 of the year after the year of tax payment. Critical punishments may be exercised for detaining to file. U.S.  Residents or taxpayers who originate an abroad trust or transmit property to an abroad trust are needed to document a documenting return, Form 3520, Annual Return to Report Transactions with Foreign Trusts and Receipt of Certain Foreign Gifts, in the 90 days after the transfer or creation. Detaining to file might produce civil punishments until a genuine cause can be given. Certain abroad partnerships with U.S. operations or U.S. clients must document U.S. partnership returns as this information help one to understand taxation analysis so as to get MBA Case Study Assignment help.

Detaining to file can produce in the not allowing of credits and losses to the U.S. spouses, incorporating resident outsiders. The US compiles no limits on bringing cash inside or out of the nation. In any case, FinCEN Form 105, Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments, ought to be documented in about 15 days with the Custom-officer in control at any port of section or takeoff or via mail along with the Commissioner of Customs, Attention: Currency Transportation Reports, Washington, D.C. 20229 (follow the guidelines on the Form) if any monetary instrument or currency amounting greater than USD 10,000 is transferred in or out of the U.S. on any solitary event by any personnel. “Transportation” incorporates physically conveying cash and shipping, mailing or bringing currency to be mailed, shipped or carried. A citizen must additionally document FinCEN Form 105 in the event that he or she is the beneficiary of transported money or other financial instruments summing greater than USD 10,000.This information is useful to get Trade Finance Case Study Help  .

A special case to the recording necessities is applicable to money transferred via ordinary banking processes if there is no involvement of a physical transportation of currency or monetary instruments. Hence, Dave must all these requirements if he wants to expand internationally by transferring his business to his grandchildren married to a foreign national.


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E- Marketing and how it help companies to achieve competitive advantages?

With the advancement in technology, there are a large number of platforms developed for promoting the products and services of a company in the market. It involves the development of new applications through which the product is advertised and hype is created in the global market about a specific product or service and also to provide marketing management assignment help to improve sales. It is through the development of appropriate factors that the urge among the customers to purchase a product is generated through the advertising of the product witnessed by them in the market (Kalyanam & McIntyre, 2002). It is very obvious that the elements which are contributing to the success of the companies are based on effective utilization of these technological aspects of promotion. E-marketing is one such marketing tools which has helped the companies across the globe to mark their presence across different countries worldwide (Coviello, Brodie, Brookes, & Palmer, 2003).

E-marketing refers to the development of appropriate strategies having a huge influence on the development of suitable factors related to the establishment of adequate marketing to be carried out in the target market. It not only helps in penetrating a market, but also helps in achieving large popularity in the global market. It is because of this reason it is used extensively as case as it provides immense marketing management case study help. It is developed from the purpose of promoting the product through the marketing channel of management. However, the roles played by different tools in ensuring high efficiency of the marketing function across the global market is significant (Kalyanam & McIntyre, 2002). There are several tools contributing to the development of proper hype about the product in the market. It is also known for deriving a consistent amount of success in the market throughout the execution of the elements pertaining to the development of interest among the people about the product or service. Besides these it also provide international marketing case study help to the big MNCs.

The customer would think positively for a branded product as compared to its rival or substitute product due to the marketing mix of the product like price, place, promotion, etc. Keller in 1993, concluded that brand image helps in creating brand equity (Keller, 1993). Further brand image is created due to attributes and these attributes are formed when the customer directly use the product or gain the same information through e-marketing from other people and fellow friends thus helping to create great Marketing Strategy Assignment Help.

In order to achieve competitive advantage in this cut-throat competitive world, there are special considerations and measures required to be taken by the organizations. It involves carrying effective promotion of the product in the market and at the same time, obtaining excellence across the other operations is also very important. It is necessary for the management to ensure that there is an adequate utilization of social media as well as other platforms under e-marketing carried out in the market. The tools used with the help of e-marketing have an extensive impact on the success of the company through increasing the customer base in the market worldwide as it helps extensively by providing Marketing Mix Assignment help  (Coviello, Brodie, Brookes, & Palmer, 2003).

The tools and strategies used for communication have seen drastic change since the rise of social media. Social media can also be called as consumer generated media. Social media is an online form of e-marketing that has different ways of communications. Social media includes blogs, chats, messages, reviews, posts, reviews, discussion boards, one to one (consumer) emails, consumer ratings and reviews of products and services online, forums, videos, images, social networking sites, etc. Today millions of messages are sent through these Medias. These messages through these Medias have become influencing factors in consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. They also influence post purchase behavior of customers and helping companies greatly in getting strategic marketing management assignment help (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

Improvement in the technology, easy accessibility to the networking sites and availability of internet facilities at one touch are the reasons that have tremendously increased the use of the E-marketing and its impact has multiplied across the globe. People tend to easily influence other people whom they know and this serves as the major purpose of the use of E-marketing concept where this information in the form of views, reviews, opinions, suggestions and feedbacks are provided by the people regarding the product in their network.

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Importance of Six Sigma Implementation in Textile Manufacturing Industry

After so many years of human existence, we have improved our living standards drastically. New technological advancement in every field has given comfort in many ways. But this advancement also brings in risk. As the year passes by, the safety rules are added or amended according to the demand.

Due to these freshly added safety rules there is a need to improve the functionalities of a ship. There is an increased demand on the operators of the ship to enhance the attribute of the ship in order to fulfill all the safety demands. Many measures have been taken earlier with the motto to improve safety and make it optimized (in terms of cost).

Any process which necessitates upgrading can take the help of Six Sigma Strategy in order to select the appropriate tools fit for the project. A large number of industries implement the latest version of Six Sigma Strategy for Management.

The new strategy has been made in order to raise many processes to the maximum quality levels. There are various tasks which needs to be performed occasionally (with precision) in order to maintain the safety and security of the ship. The potential to improve safety, (at the same time controlling the budget and meeting to the demands of the customers) lies in Six Sigma. This article is written to analyze Six Sigma implementation in Textile Manufacturing Plant as part of operations management homework help for the students looking to implement for various six sigma projects.

 Six Sigma Project and its Importance


The sigma strategies which are implemented in the shipping industry can be described as below. The process is the best ever increasing industry managing policies among the industries is Six Sigma. The program was introduced in the year 1987 by Motorola. But the real success of the Six Sigma strategy came into news in 1995; in this year General Electric CEO Jack Welch used the strategy to bring great success to its company. In short the invention of technique provide great MBA operations management assignment help to operations graduate.


The heart of Six Sigma strategy lies in systematic and regimented use of statistical tools. The idea is to satisfy the clientele and enhance the bottom line reimbursement; to bring in constant improvement in the company. The Six Sigma strategy can be successfully applied in any type of company; be it a business or production company. Many companies are successfully employing the Six Sigma strategy at present. It has need of data-driven decision-making. Basically there are 5 key points to attain the complete success of the Six Sigma strategy at Textile manufacturing plant to get immense operations management help.

  • In order to arrive at the Six Sigma quality the information and metrics are required to be used in a regimented style.
  • The demands of the customers must be met compulsorily while distributing goods or services.
  • Improve the quality and hence optimize the production in terms of reduced defects and lesser ravage.
  • Proposal to decrease the cycle time are incessantly launched.
  • Taking examples from the past and learning lessons from failures.


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